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The software is used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, manufacturing, energy and consumer electronics industries. CATIA® is the software platform and development framework that enables an organization to rapidly develop and deploy business critical applications using a standard 3D CAD model, regardless of underlying computing platform. CATIA® provides a single platform that enables design and manufacturing processes to be agile and optimized. It also facilitates innovative applications that are easy to deploy and manage. It is employed in several areas of automotive and aerospace engineering such as: manufacturing of bodies, sheet metal, components, instrumentation and systems, such as a seat control system for a Boeing 787, or engine nacelle and integrated wing for a GE Aviation Co. engine. Description of the invention The invention relates to a method and a program module for de-casting a laser-welded part. A laser-welded part is generally produced by a laser welding method. This method usually consists of two steps: a deposition of two metal surfaces in which an electromagnetic energy beam is used to melt the metal. This melting causes a melting pool. This melting pool is then bonded together at high pressure between two metal surfaces. After being welded, the part is then milled, removed from the metal surface of the two components, and machined to remove any weld beads. The result is a laser-welded part with a certain porosity. The porosity of the part may be between 20 and 50%. In order to remove the porosity of the welded part, an electrochemical dissolution process is implemented in a de-casting machine. A de-casting machine is a machine which casts a part from a metal powder, which is then sintered at a high temperature. It consists of a high pressure medium that is compressed and heated, such as water. This medium is heated to a high temperature and then put into contact with the metal powder. The metal powder melts, and it is cooled slowly. When the metal powder is removed, the part has a certain porosity and therefore a certain volume. This volume is then machined. The porosity of the part is a critical characteristic. If the porosity is too low, then the part is not strong enough, and the thickness of the part must be increased. However, the thickness of the part must be kept to a minimum for reasons of mass and time. The part may be reinforced by the addition of an in



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Catia V5r20 Free Download With Crack Torrent

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